About Us

At INTERSIGNS, we believe there is a better way to express IDEAS, a more CREATIVE and STYLISH way where business can transmit their MESSAGES using CUSTOM materials created specifically for each project.



We’re obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help businesses find SOLUTIONS to express their ideas into VISUAL COMMUNICATION. We focus on a variety of products and services that provide a complete solution for visual communication projects. We’re excited to bring quality and quick turnaround together, to satisfy our customer’s needs.



Intersigns started its operations 22 years ago in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. With the mission to bring more colour to companies and the city in the form of printed materials, the business started to grow quickly when large companies found a great value on the services we provide.

Intersigns had always the culture of having employees and customers satisfied with the products and services they were creating and buying. Throughout our trajectory, our experience and high-end technology helped us being part of large projects such as Rio Olympic Games, Fifa World Cup, and others.

  • 2018 – Expanded to Vancouver, Canada
  • 2016 – Responsible for the signage and printings of Rio Olympic Games
  • 2014 – Responsible for the signage and printings of Brazil World Cup
  • 2010 – Received award for the best Sign Company in 2 cities in Brazil
  • 2003 – Expanded to 2 cities, Uberlandia & Goiania, in Brazil
  • 1998 – Intersigns started a business in Rio de Janeiro




Hi, welcome to Intersigns. Thank you for being interested in our services.
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Our goal is to deliver all visual communication solutions that you need for your product or business, so you can achieve your target market and your business goals.

We will give all of us to make you satisfied.

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Whether you are opening a business, re-branding your company, planning a great marketing campaign or just trying to bring more colour or design elements to your house, there is always a visual communication element that can translate what is in your mind.

At Intersigns you can count on our experience and creativity in the signs and printing industry to help you bring your thoughts to life!

Our goal is to bring the solution for your visual communication needs!

“Intersigns! If you can think it, we can ink it”